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You shoot?



Open to Pros and Amateurs!

No need for professional status.


Show  your photos to surfers and set your prices.

Stay free!

No booking !

Earn Notoriety!

Surfers have access to your Insta , Facebook and personal website !


1 - Shoot

No more contact exchanges!


No more research on social media!

Plan de travail 1_2x-100.jpg

2 - Match!

One photo of the surfer and you know if he will see his session.


You save time on sorting and editing.


3 - Publish

Matches ?

Send their shots and indicate your price.

They will be notified instantly.


Photographe Autres surfeurs.jpg

Only pictures!

Whether you shoot with a telelens, aqua or drone, the principle is always the same.

Thanks to our process based on facial recognition , contact exchange is no longer necessary. A single photo of the surfer is enough to send him his session.

The entire line-up is within trigger range.

Shooting day

Back from shooting, indicates the information of the session in a " shooting day ". Simply upload one photo per surfer.

Shooting Day_2x-100.jpg
Match 1_2x-100.jpg

It's a Match!

You validate the matches that are offered to you.

the riderreceives a notification forconfirm that it is him.


All you have to do is prepare his photos, being sure that they will be seen!

You save precious time and it's much more motivating.


​ And the surfers who haven't matched? It's time wasted!

Nothing is lost ! You will be notified as soon as they register:your photos retain their value over time.

Send it!

Drag and drop the surfer's files, indicate your price, and you're done.


Files, watermarks, reminders to surfers, online payment are managed for you.

As soon as you click on "publish", the surfer is immediately notified by email. It's a real Game Changer compared to social networks or your personal site.

As a result, it is not uncommon to do  dozens of sales  and earn several hundred euros in  just one shooting! And that just with your photos and a flag...

With each sale, we give the surfer your Instagram account, Facebook and your website so that they credit you and that you gain notoriety!

You first!

My-Sessions always puts you first.
Once the session is purchased, your Instagram account, Facebook, and your personal site are accessible to surfers.

They receive an email to encourage them to credit you , and to remind them the photos are for private use only.
Any commercial use must be done with your consent.

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