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Do you surf?
Receive your photos!


1 - Create an account!

A selfie, an email, that's it!


2 - Go surfing!

Photographers only need one photo of you to send you your entire session.


3 - Receive your Sessions!

No more searching, you are receiving an email as soon as your photos are available.

Search the waves 
not your pictures

With My-Sessions everything is easier.


Sign up for free and go surfing  ! We take care of the rest.

Our Artificial Intelligence system  allows any photographer to send you your sessions.

No matter where you surf, you won't miss your photos anymore!


Receiving them rather than looking for them is a real Game Changer!

Control your image

Albums on social networks or photographers' sites have the merit of existing, but you can miss them.


With My-Sessions, you are notified when your photos are available.

Moreover, no one but you has access to it.  You keep control of your image by deciding whether or not to share your photos.

Price  and Discounts

We believe that photographers should be paid the right price...

The photos are sold only by lot , called  “session” . Their price is fixed by the photographers.


But, we also consider that the more you order, the lower the price should be.

We have set up a discount system of up to -20%.

Everyone meets there!

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